Many people who move to the United States from other countries have the desire to be successful. On the path, learning to read and speak English doesn’t guarantee that one will be easily understood.

The Accent Reduction Program at All Nations Language Center gives our students the tools and training to overcome any communication difficulties. The program consists of practical exercises in proper tongue and mouth placement for all of the sounds of English, followed by drills and speeches to help one to practice these sounds. It is the “missing link” to speaking English correctly and fully and is a complement to ESL.

Different languages use different muscle groups to speak. One of the basic but vital skills are exercises to strengthen the face, tongue and mouth muscles so that one can easily make the sounds of English. There are also exercises to strengthen the voice itself. Many students have said that these exercises alone give them more confidence in speaking.

Our instructors have authored books on accent reduction and have been trained extensively by the top acting and speech coaches in the US. Our technique is helpful for any nationality.

Our Accent Reduction Program runs for 8 weeks at a time and are 2 hours in length, meeting once each week.


Accent Reduction Program